Andorra Life takes us back 15,000 years

It’s funny that no matter how much technology pushes us forward, as a society, we have to look back 15,000 years to not just increase our longevity, but also our quality of life.  Producing this video was truly an eye-opening experience.   Andorra Life formulates and manufactures the premium quality vitamin…


Jazz Unlimited 2015 Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to the Jazz Unlimited Senior 2015 Graduates. This video premiered during Jazz Unlimited’s student recital week, May 26-31, 2015.


Watch Full Episodes of “This is South Jersey”

We can finally release the first season of This is South Jersey on our website.  We have written quite a few blogs on the…


FAA Nears Approval of First 500 Commercial Drone Operators in U.S.

I very much enjoy flying my drone, albeit it is not the fanciest one they make.  It has allowed me…