10 Website Questions

Answer these 10 questions and you are well on your way to ensuring that your website will represent your brand and work well for your business.

    1. What are your top choice domain names? You can enter up to five names

    2. Who will be your audience? Consider age ranges, interests and the demographic of potential site visitors.

    What type of content will you want to include on your website?

    4. How will your website communicate your brand? Name fonts that you like and color palettes. Mention if you want background images, certain gradients or textures. Consider trendy, corporate or classical looks. The more design information you can provide us, the better.

    5. Do you want to use Wordpress as your Content Management System? This is highly recommended!

    Yes, please!No, thanks.Not sure.

    6. What will be the basic look and feel of your website? This relates to your brand.

    Are there any websites that you like that we can use for inspiration? Enter up to three websites that you like

    7. Do you want to employ social media? Highly recommended!

    Yes, please!No, thanks.Not sure.

    8. Would your business benefit from starting a newsletter?

    Yes, please!I don't think so.Not sure.

    Do you want an FAQ page?

    Yes, please!No, thanks.Not sure

    Would you like to have a news feed or blog?

    Yes, please!No, thanks.Not sure.

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