30 Years of Live Entertainment

Music video for bands

I quickly grabbed this shot of Carmen and the new CTO Groove Street Band taking a quick break from shooting to pose for a social media share.

If you have been doing something for 30 years, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be great at it.  CTO started as a singularly talented Philadelphia wedding band led by founder Carmen Tomassetti in 1987.  Thirty years and over 10,000 events later, they have become one of the best resources for full-service event entertainment in the nation, providing music to the Northeastern US, Florida, and California.

I met Carmen in 1997 while playing jazz in the Meredith Cafe in the Union League of Philadelphia.  Since then, I have also been booked by CTO as a jazz artist and recently had the opportunity to shoot and edit their music videos.

Carmen is a fan of technology and even entered the realm of software development with his own brand of Event Management Software called OZ.  Carmen realized early on that video was the perfect medium to market his bands so viewers could feel the energy in his special brand of entertainment.

CTO Bands are always super talented and that makes for a project that’s very fun to work on.  Below are a couple of the latest music videos for two of their new bands!   More of our music videos, including traditional MTV style videos can be found on our Music Videos & Live Bands page.



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