4 Marketing Ideas for the Fourth of July

Have your cake and eat it too!  Celebrate by thinking of some celebratory offers for customers to generate new revenue this Fourth of July!  Here are four simple marketing ideas to so celebrate this historic holiday and also increase sales this Fourth of July:

  1. Get Social!  Offer discounts to patriotic selfies from your customers that tag your business on social media with a prize for the picture with the most likes before the Fourth.
  2. Hue it up! Free shipping or discounts on Red, White, and Blue products, drinks or food items.
  3. Make it a game! Perhaps challenge your followers to come up with a 4th of July themed food item or drink and offer a prize to the best.
  4. Kids Count!  What about a jar of red, white, and blue lollipops or jellybeans on the counter for every kid who visits your business store with their parents?

Remember to update your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media cover and header images to red, white, and blue themed images.  Also make sure your website reflects a change or just a link to a page with your Fourth of July specials.

Contact us should you need support getting any ideas off the ground for this Fourth of July!

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