Adam the DJ, Tunes In.

Adam Weiner has been a disc jockey and emcee since 1996. Like most of us, music has had a profound impact upon his life. The difference is that Adam has learned to share his love of music with others in a profound way. He hones in on what his clients like most and strives to create an atmosphere that will truly make their party perfect.

Adam the DJ’s old website.

Adam recognizes the distinct connection between people, music and the significant moments in their lives and finds tremendous gratification when watching others enjoy themselves to the tunes he spins.

Adam uses the most professional, state of the art sound reproduction equipment, so naturally, he wanted his website to reflect the same professionalism. His old website wasn’t bad but there was no content management system for Adam to revise content on his own. The text on the homepage was a bit small and it desperately needed a blog.

We suggested a self-hosted version of WordPress since it can be downloaded free from and hosted anywhere. 

View the new website we developed for Adam below! Congrats to Adam on stepping up his web presence!

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