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Facebook has done away with the limited “business only” profile.  Understandably, some people do not want a personal Facebook profile but do want a Facebook business page.  Sometimes, they do have a profile and would like to appoint a third party to administer the Facebook Page, but do not feel comfortable providing their personal login credentials.  Solving the second problem is easy.  If the person you want to admin your page already has a profile, it’s easy to add them as an admin or editor to your Facebook page by entering the email address they use for Facebook in “Page Roles” in the Page “Settings”.


Add Admins, Editors or other page roles to your Facebook page by entering the email address they use for Facebook in “Page Roles” in the Page’s “Settings”

It’s recommended that if you want to appoint someone to administer your page, that you select those who are frequently using Facebook. Social media is about people, relationships, and networking.  Someone who is familiar with Facebook’s interface, well informed of it’s capabilities and comfortable using its many tools will do a better job with your social outreach than someone who doesn’t use Facebook often.

To be an administrator of an existing Facebook page, he/she must have a personal profile on Facebook.  Every Page needs to have an admin in order to log in and manage the Page, or have a role on the Page.  If you try to create a page, you will be asked to login or create an account.

Some have found a loophole by creating a second profile, like one for their dog, and then creating a business Page under that profile so they can provide the login credentials to the fake account to new admins without reservation.

Having two personal accounts is also just a annoyance.  Do you really want manage double the amount of notifications and what about those creepy strangers trying to friend your dog?

This solves that problem but managing multiple personal accounts or creating a fake account violates Facebook’s Terms of Use.  If they find out you have two personal accounts, they’ll make you combine them or shut them both down.  Having two personal accounts is also just an annoyance.  Do you really want to manage double the amount of notifications, and what about those creepy strangers trying to friend your dog?

There’s no need for this.  When you create a business Page from your personal account, no one can see that you’re an admin, or that your personal account is associated with the Page. Also, as an admin, you have the ability to appoint other admins besides yourself. Once you do that, you have the option to remove yourself as an admin at any time, with no further connection to the page.

If you’ve been assigned to create a page for the company with whom you are employed. Advise that you will need to create the page under your profile, but you will require another person at the company with a personal profile on Facebook, to accept an invite to admin the page with you. You only need one person to agree. Once you make them an admin, you can remove yourself as an admin at any time and leave the page in control of the other person.

If no one agrees to take admin access with you, you can refuse to create the page or advise the business that if your position with the company comes to an end, you will delete the page. This will help them understand the importance of accepting admin status of the page.

Introducing the Facebook Business Manager

Facebook also has a great tool to manage your business pages.  Facebook’s Business Manager will allow you to manage all your Facebook assets in one place while keeping personal info private. You can login or create your account right from the Business Manager homepage.

We can help!  Contact us today if you would like support with any of the information above.  We manage several professional Facebook pages daily to help our clients turn their Facebook business pages into referral generating machines!


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