Ask for the 1-minute version

When you are thinking of your final video project, remember that separate segments from your video can be isolated as a stand-alone video, or longer video projects can be edited down to 1-minute for marketing purposes.  Delivering both versions of a project is easy and adds minimal editing time.

1-minute videos are great for sales and social media platforms.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram recently launched very affordable video ad capabilities.  Some of our client’s video ads are doing so well, that they are paying 1¢ per video view!


Think of your shortened video as a movie trailer, leaving your audience excited and wanting more.   Statistics have proven that video ads increase conversion by 46%. Video ads coupled with a call-to-action to bring viewers back to your website to view the longer video, will allow your marketing message a greater chance of being heard in it’s entirety.

Below are two examples of projects with 1-minute versions.

3 minutes, down to 1

The longer 3 minute video:

Edited down to 1-minute:


Stand-alone Segment

A longer video with three segments:

The third segment at 5:50 extracted as a stand-alone video:

If you are selling a service or product, it’s best to try and keep your video under 2 minutes.  Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the whole story in that time.  Give your audience the quick 1-minute version and them bring them to you for the details.

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