Beautiful Bowls for Boats

Tradeshow videos are unique in that they play on a loop on a screen as people pass a trade show booth or display. Normally, they will not have any soundtrack so the content has to be engaging. The goal is to catch people’s eyes as they walk by, prompting them to approach the booth with questions or to request more information.

My career was in the toilet that day!

Raritan Engineering came to us with a need for a trade show video to showcase their line of marine sanitation solution products.

As a producer, I want to tell the best story. As a cinematographer, I want the subject matter to look at good as possible.  It became obvious that our challenge was going to be figuring out how to make marine toilets look like Rolex watches!

I was very happy to see that Raritan Engineering had already set up their new trade show booth in their warehouse to make final adjustments to the displays. This allowed us to turn a corner of their warehouse into a makeshift studio and light the background!

My friend Abad Rosa who owns GatoCrane brought some pretty fancy stabilization gear for smooth camera movement and a very precise turntable (which also happened to be used on the show Kojak).  Coupled with proper lighting, we were able to get some great shots. The final trade show video is below.  I’ve never seen better looking toilets and sanitation products!  Have you?

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