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Memorial Day, an American Holiday

Did you know that Memorial Day is only an American holiday?  It’s always observed on the last Monday of May to honor the men and women who died while serving in the military. Early Unofficial Observances The Civil War saw more casualties than any other war in American history.  This prompted the development of our country’s first national cemeteries.  By… Read more →

Togetherhood – A Member-led Community Service program

The YMCA is more than a gym. Togetherhood invites Y members to activate their social responsibility by participating in the Y’s cause to strengthen community. Togetherhood provides Y members with fun, convenient and rewarding ways to give back and support their neighbors.  The program is run through individual Y branches as a partnership between a committee of members and a… Read more →

The Hugs for Brady Gala 2015

One of the best things about my work is being able to help worthy causes get their message out to the world.  The Hugs for Brady Gala 2015 video recaps the evening of February 6th and also shows their “For the Love of a Child” video being premiered.  The night featured fabulous food, drinks, live music, fireworks, dancing, awards and passionate speeches.  Might I add… Read more →

I See, Through You.

A PSA film produced for Durand Academy & Community Services.  “I See, Through You.” is a crude glimpse into the world of an individual with Autism. This is not meant to be an actual representation, but a dramatic portrayal. We hope it provides you with some understanding as to why organizations like Durand exist. When we reach out to help… Read more →