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My career as a voice artist… all good!

Contributed by David Seager My career as a voice artist: Gotta say, for some odd reason, I do love it. A fresh piece of copy to dissect and absorb. Ahhh! Let me at it!  Now, what are we selling here? Who are we trying to reach? Marking up the script helps focus the thrust of the read. Then, who am… Read more →

branding strategies in Atlantic County

Branding Strategies to Ride the Economic Waves in Atlantic Country

Contributed by Alicia Rother There is no denying that the numbers are pretty grim as far as the Atlantic County economy for 2019 is concerned.  Equity, housing, employment and community are all down but there is one thing that you can do to help your small business ride this downturn-adopt smart branding strategies. Branding Strategies for 2019 As the 2020… Read more →

FAA Nears Approval of First 500 Commercial Drone Operators in U.S.

I very much enjoy flying my drone, albeit it is not the fanciest one they make.  It has allowed me a few hours of fun and some great footage that we have used for our video and TV projects.   Alas, the FAA has been cracking down on drone operators that are flying for commercial purposes and are now requiring… Read more →


Contributed by Hallie Wynn “Why should I hire a writer for my video? I have a website and brochures, why do I need to spend any more money to have someone else write any more?” Well written copy is a powerful weapon in any business’ arsenal, it is often the first important impression your clients have of your business. Sure,… Read more →