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Shoot into the Sun

Avoid Squintface When shooting photos outdoors, portraits or otherwise, most people have their subjects face the sun so the photo can brighten the face. The problem with this is that the sun makes people squint, so the faces are well lit, but they’re squinting into the camera. No outside photos at lunchtime It’s also a problem when the noon-day sun… Read more →

inbound marketing by hubspot

Inbound Marketing

The practice of creating quality content to pull people toward your company has been coined as Inbound Marketing by the web advertising company, HubSpot. This creates new connections which can turn strangers to your business into site visitors, which can turn into leads, which can turn into customers and eventually, promoters of your business, leading to more business. HubSpot encourages business owners and ad… Read more →

Editing a Video in Portrait Mode

Exporting to (portrait) orientation is not recommended because the TVs and monitors we watch are landscape oriented. For that reason, video streaming services like Vimeo and YouTube display portrait oriented videos by squeezing them into a landscape orientation with black space on each side.  This makes your video smaller. Now, I understand that there might be some reason, like you… Read more →

Get by with a little help from your friends

Everyone needs help every now and then.  No one has gotten to where they are without some assistance along the way.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  When we need help, it’s natural to ask for it from those who possess strengths in certain areas where we are not so strong.  SQ Productions possesses strength in web technologies, photography and video production, and we know… Read more →

Probing before production

There’s many steps to producing a compelling video.  The very first step you take should be to ask yourself why you are making the video.  The answers to this question and the ones below will determine a lot of factors. If you selling services or a product, you’ll need to keep the length under two minutes.  Perhaps you are making a video to inspire people… Read more →

Turning negative reviews into a positive

It’s just about the time when things are running smoothly and your business starts growing rapidly when, BOOM!  It happens.  You get you first bad review.  You first reaction is get upset and begin asking yourself why.  That’s understandable, but what you must realize is it’s not a question of why…it’s a question of when.  If your business is B2C (Business To Consumer) and you find some… Read more →

How to Prevent or Reduce Email Spam

I know your pain, folks.  I’ve learned my lesson the hard way.  Below are some other options I have discovered. Using Apple Mail Per Apple’s advice.  Use the Junk filters in Apple mail under preferences.  Also, never respond to spam. Replying or clicking the “Unsubscribe” link will only generate more spam, because they now know that the email address is valid. THEN…The… Read more →