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An Unorthodox Edit

In short, a video producer’s job is to do exactly that…produce.  The producer is the grease-man.  He or she is the person that’s hiring and firing the production professionals, writing or approving scripts, and gathering other materials or talent to deliver the video’s “message”.  Producers have to understand the exact idea, message or call-to-action that the client is trying to get across to their… Read more →

Seven headshot tips for business photos

When it’s time for corporate head shots or business photography, following these seven tips will increase your chances of having a successful photo session! What to wear When choosing what to wear, remember that there is no need to overdress. Select and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and make you look and feel good. Poor fitting clothing will be obvious… Read more →

Administering Facebook Pages without a personal Facebook profile

Facebook Pages 101! Facebook has done away with the limited “business only” profile.  Understandably, some people do not want a personal Facebook profile but do want a Facebook business page.  Sometimes, they do have a profile and would like to appoint a third party to administer the Facebook Page, but do not feel comfortable providing their personal login credentials.  Solving the second… Read more →

Mother’s Day

Mom.  She’s the woman who brought you into this world.  You have to respect that.  If you were fortunate enough to have the same woman raise you into a responsible adult, she was an extraordinary woman and you will always be in her debt.  Only when you become a parent will you truly understand how much your mother loved you, even if… Read more →

Shoot into the Sun

Avoid Squintface When shooting photos outdoors, portraits or otherwise, most people have their subjects face the sun so the photo can brighten the face. The problem with this is that the sun makes people squint, so the faces are well lit, but they’re squinting into the camera. No outside photos at lunchtime It’s also a problem when the noon-day sun… Read more →

Making money can sometimes hurt your business

I used to work for Apple.  The relationship they have with their customers is more important to them than anything else.  Apple doesn’t stick their hands in your pockets every moment they can, and for good reason.   Apple turns customers into promoters because their customer service make customers feel that Apple appreciates them and their business. I experienced this one day when… Read more →

Watching YouTube Videos with Subtitles in Different Languages

Let’s say you are watching a YouTube video with another person, but you see that they are struggling to understand the language spoken in the video. I go through this every time I try to share a funny clip from Rick & Morty with my mother. Did you know that YouTube allows you to select subtitles in different languages? Follow the steps in the tutorial below!