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Today is the Day

It’s 2019.  Now that the holiday festivities are nestled in our memories and the confetti has been swept away, we can concentrate on the new year ahead of us.  On the first day of a new year, we resolve to make positive changes in our lives. Today’s decisions will legislate our future. Whatever lies ahead, let’s resolve to put our best foot… Read more →

There’s #AlwaysEnoughRoom

The holidays can be a hectic time of year.  During the rush and brush of the holly-daze, we can lose site of the true spirit of the season.  Take a look at the video below of a drone peacefully flying around a private jet.  Now we all know that drones and planes are mortal enemies. The drone operator and I… Read more →

Resolved: A Story of Independence

The Revolutionary War began with small battles in April of 1775.  At that time, only a few colonists desired complete independence from Great Britain and those who did want complete separation were considered radical.  In early 1776, publisher Thomas Paine expressed revolutionary sentiments in his best selling pamphlet, “Common Sense”.   This added to the growing resentment of British rule, leading… Read more →

Doing for Dad

Here’s to the guy that introduced us to the wonders of our world; the men that bounced us on their laps. Here’s to the dads who taught us to throw a ball and then “suck it up and be tough” when that ball smacked us in the nose. Mothers Helping Fathers Father’s Day was first celebrated in our nation on June… Read more →

Why you need to know Blessed Edmund Bojanowski

Have you heard of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski?  If you have, I would be impressed!  If you haven’t, take five minutes to find out who he was and I guarantee that you’ll be inspired. Born in 1814, in then-occupied Poland, Bojanowski dedicated his life to social justice.  He also started a home for orphans and health services to the ill, including during outbreaks of… Read more →

Making money can sometimes hurt your business

I used to work for Apple.  The relationship they have with their customers is more important to them than anything else.  Apple doesn’t stick their hands in your pockets every moment they can, and for good reason.   Apple turns customers into promoters because their customer service make customers feel that Apple appreciates them and their business. I experienced this one day when… Read more →

Vietnam Memorial Wall

To Those who Loved America Enough to Lay Down their Lives

Photography by Tamer Tewfik Many know about it.  Approximately 3 million visitors visit it each year but did you know how it came to be? The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC honors those in the U.S. armed forces who fought in the Vietnam War and those who died in service or were unaccounted for as missing-in-action (MIA).  The 3-acre national memorial consists of… Read more →

Treasure Found in Disney World Videos

I didn’t visit Walt Disney World until I was 29 years old. My wife, who was my girlfriend at the time, invited me to go on her family vacation, even though we were only dating for one month.  It was a little awkward at first, but her family soon found out I was indeed a child at heart (perhaps it was my overalls).… Read more →