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Sweetsboro is Pretty Sweet!

We had a great photography shoot at Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe in Swedesboro, NJ! What was even cooler was learning about the family history. It’s a classic immigration story. The grandfather arrives from Germany and starts the bakery. His children are taught the artisanal craft and they pass it on to their children. The best part is that no one was… Read more →

Gerstein Grayson Takes a “Firm” Look

Gerstein Grayson & Cohen, LLP has been in business for over half a century. They have the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective solutions and effective legal representation for their clients. Their old website looked decent but it was not responsive to devices and there was too much copy on the homepage. It was also missing the standard elements that… Read more →

Ellenby Technologies – Safes in Numbers

Ellenby Technologies is a family owned business and a leader in electronic design for cash management applications in the vending and retail industries. Since 1988, they offer a complete family of smart safe products found in a range of top-tier convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants. Their electronics can be found in over a dozen different models of snack, beverage,… Read more →

Mother’s Day

Mom.  She’s the woman who brought you into this world.  You have to respect that.  If you were fortunate enough to have the same woman raise you into a responsible adult, she was an extraordinary woman and you will always be in her debt.  Only when you become a parent will you truly understand how much your mother loved you, even if… Read more →

Shoot into the Sun

Avoid Squintface When shooting photos outdoors, portraits or otherwise, most people have their subjects face the sun so the photo can brighten the face. The problem with this is that the sun makes people squint, so the faces are well lit, but they’re squinting into the camera. No outside photos at lunchtime It’s also a problem when the noon-day sun… Read more →

Foobooz After Dark, Food for Shots.

In the Fall of last year, I received a phone call from my younger brother Alex.  He asks if I can take photos of a pop-up dinner that he is arranging.  Pop-up dinners are one-time food events that offer guests an exciting dining experience.  A culinary journey, if you will. They are usually held in unexpected locations, offer personal interactions with the chef, and… Read more →

Fab Food!

When taking pictures of food, you want to make sure that your audience can taste it with their eyes.   Upper Crust Pizza in Tabernacle, New Jersey has awesome food. Owner Robin Caterina offered me a slice of pizza the first time I sat down with her. I took one bite and I was singing. …this was actual food going out… Read more →