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Adding Links to Your YouTube Videos

Creating links in your YouTube videos used to be done with “annotations” but Google did away with it as of this past May.  Reason being is, they have never worked on mobile devices, so links were never seen by mobile viewers.  As mobile viewers become more popular, the annotations editor was removed.  That means no future annotations will be available,… Read more →

SCAM ALERT: 9740 Directories

In 2014, a GoDaddy phishing spam started showing up in people’s inboxes stating “Your account contains more than 9740 directories and may pose a potential performance risk to the server.”  It then asks to reduce the number of directories for your account to prevent account deactivation.  It provides a link to click on to resolve the issue.  Today, it appears to come from… Read more →

Recognizing Domain Slamming

Your website doesn’t have a name. It’s just a bunch of files which make up the structure of your website. Domain names are web addresses used to communicate on the Internet. Once you register an available domain name, you can use it as your website address or as an email address.  Your domain name must be pointed to where your website… Read more →

Making money can sometimes hurt your business

I used to work for Apple.  The relationship they have with their customers is more important to them than anything else.  Apple doesn’t stick their hands in your pockets every moment they can, and for good reason.   Apple turns customers into promoters because their customer service make customers feel that Apple appreciates them and their business. I experienced this one day when… Read more →

Watching YouTube Videos with Subtitles in Different Languages

Let’s say you are watching a YouTube video with another person, but you see that they are struggling to understand the language spoken in the video. I go through this every time I try to share a funny clip from Rick & Morty with my mother. Did you know that YouTube allows you to select subtitles in different languages? Follow the steps in the tutorial below!

inbound marketing by hubspot

Inbound Marketing

The practice of creating quality content to pull people toward your company has been coined as Inbound Marketing by the web advertising company, HubSpot. This creates new connections which can turn strangers to your business into site visitors, which can turn into leads, which can turn into customers and eventually, promoters of your business, leading to more business. HubSpot encourages business owners and ad… Read more →

Here’s to Googling You, Kid.

Jazz Unlimited School of Dance Arts has been offering dance classes for over 40 years and boasts a team of skilled, passionate instructors who have degrees in dance, and experience with professional dance companies. Another company redesigned Jazz Unlimited’s website using a much better template and sharing capabilities. They switched from using Microsoft Publisher to a WordPress CMS, which is more intuitive.… Read more →


Technology Help on a Tuesday

We love problem solving and providing help with technology.  We want people to enjoy their technology during these exponential times.  So it is fitting that we are proclaiming that every Tuesday shall now be referred to as TechTuesday at SQP! On TechTuesday, we will offer free technology help.  Hey!  Everyone needs help every now and then.  We didn’t get to… Read more →

Get by with a little help from your friends

Everyone needs help every now and then.  No one has gotten to where they are without some assistance along the way.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  When we need help, it’s natural to ask for it from those who possess strengths in certain areas where we are not so strong.  SQ Productions possesses strength in web technologies, photography and video production, and we know… Read more →

The Master of Your Own Domain

By Tamer Tewfik with contributions by Mike Dotterer We started offering website design and programming to a few select clients a few years ago so when new clients asked us if we could add their videos to their websites, my response was always the same, “Sure we can. We just need to access your hosting so we can update your… Read more →