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An Unorthodox Edit

In short, a video producer’s job is to do exactly that…produce.  The producer is the grease-man.  He or she is the person that’s hiring and firing the production professionals, writing or approving scripts, and gathering other materials or talent to deliver the video’s “message”.  Producers have to understand the exact idea, message, or call-to-action that the client is trying to get across to their… Read more →

Who is the Swamp Queen?

In my travels, one of the most common questions I get is, “What does the “SQ” of SQ Video Productions stand for? The answer is,”Swamp Queen”. Who is she? That was the name we gave to a cement sculpture found in the woods, off the long driveway to Red Rock Recording Studios in Saylorsburg, PA. Driving by, it actually took… Read more →