CC Miles “Can’t Drive By” the Coffee Place

It’s hard enough to go through a break up without having to experience that wrenching feeling you get in your gut when pass by a location that you once frequented with an significant other.  Those moments, which were once endearing, are now melancholy tales.

CC Miles sings it loud and clear in her new song “Can’t Drive By”.  This is the second video that we produced for CC.  We shot it on the same day that we shot “Beautiful Lies” since Long Beach Island offered some great locations to create the scenes for the inspiration behind the song, including the Coffee Bouteaque in Beach Haven, NJ.

Great things are happening for the young songwriter.  On March 28, CC is performing her own 30-minute show at The Bitter End in the heart of Greenwich Village.  Performing in New York city’s oldest rock club means CC Miles is joining a list of famous rock stars that once graced the stage, including Norah Jones, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Lady Gaga.

We are enjoying watching this talented songwriter’s rise to fame and even more thrilled to play a small part in it!

Go CC!

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