CC Miles: The Lucky Ones

We had the pleasure of working with CC Miles again to produce a video for her latest song. The singer/songwriter wrote “The Lucky Ones” about growing up in Medford Lakes, NJ with her friends.

She based the lyrics on factual events from her childhood, so there are a lot of “actuals” in the video. She wore her actual prom dress, and her actual mom is featured in the video. She says goodbye to her actual dog, Josie, and she’s leaving town in her actual car. It was filmed in Medford Lakes, the town in which she actually grew up, with people that are actually growing up there now! Ok, you get it.

CC Miles, cast and SQ Productions crew for The Lucky Ones.

There were no props or sets because it was all real! That’s the way she wanted it to be. She’s revealed to her fans that this was the most fun she’s ever had filming a music video, we feel the same way!

CC’s on tour right now and we’re very excited for her success. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed producing it.

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