Crusaders in Paradise

How we produced HDR photography for two NJ beach front resorts.

The Paradise Oceanfront Resort in Wildwood, NJ

The Crusader and Paradise Ocean resorts in Wildwood, NJ are beautiful properties only a stone’s throw from the beach.

They needed new photography of the properties and awarded us with the production. As we made our rounds around the properties, it was apparent that they prioritize the guest experience. They recently made updates to the properties and chose beautiful colors and furniture for the rooms. The spaces were touched with beach themed decor with vivid colors and natural wood grain elements. Naturally, we wanted to bring out those colors and show the contrast in the textures and patterns within the decor.

If high contrast is desired in photographs, HDR photography is a no brainer. HDR stand for High Dynamic Range. The object is to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than what is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. This is accomplished through taking multiple photographs at different exposures and implementing some advanced editing techniques with photo design software after the shoot is over.

Sometimes a subtle effect is desired, as in the example below, used mainly to show the scene or view outside a window.

This HDR photo doesn’t have high contrast but taking multiple exposures allows us to expose and show the beautiful patio outside.

Other times, you want something that really pops as in the next example below. It’s the same photo but all exposures were combined to get as much contrast within the color range.

Notice how this technique really brings out the texture in the wood, tile and metal elements.

The camera needs to be very still when taking multiple exposures so a tripod is necessary and shutter release remote is preferred.

And here is the finished photo. Night and day, right?

Congrats to the property owners on their new photos! Visit The Crusader or Paradise websites to see how they incorporated the new photography.

Below are a few more of our favorites from the shoot! Contact us anytime if you’d like to get more information on making your photography pop!


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