Dino’s Backstage Brings Back the Glamour

“Striding gracefully across plush zebra-striped carpeting, tuxedo-clad waiters balance serving trays filled with champagne, martini glasses and snifters. On a nearby stage, the suave bandleader snaps his fingers as his trio launches into “Fly Me to the Moon.” This isn’t a flashback to the Copacabana or the Latin Casino—it’s here and now at Dino’s Backstage, the stunningly glamorous restaurant, bar and cabaret located next door to the Keswick Theatre in Glenside.”
Steve Legato, Main Line Today

Dino’s Backstage owners Michael and Dino Kelly-Cataldi

Michael and Dino Kelly-Cataldi are “Bringing Back Glamour” to the world and they’re starting in Glenside, PA.  The couple met in Philadelphia, PA the late 90s and quickly discovered that their combined passion for architecture, design and music were a perfect match.

Adjacent to the historic Keswick Theater in the heart of Keswick Village, their restaurant Dino’s Backstage stands as a hallmark to getting dressed up for a night out of great food and entertainment.

Ella Fitzgerald sings for Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and others at the Royal Roost, NYC, in 1948 (by Herman Leonard)

The Dino’s Backstage website featuring live events in the celebrity room.

Having dinner and catching a show in an intimate setting is rarely done in the same venue anymore. Over the decades, live entertainment faded away as old restaurants closed and new owners failed to see the benefit of the expense. Stepping into Dino’s Backstage is like traveling back to a time when live music was more than important, it was necessary, and owners Dino and Michael spared no expense to make sure they got it just right.

Traveling into a major city for dinner and a show is common, but Dino’s Backstage audiences are traveling from the city to the suburbs to experience what “going out” used to mean…the days when supper clubs like The Cotton Club and the Royal Roost were filled to capacity with jazz greats and eager audiences.  There literally is no other place like Dino’s Backstage.

Obviously, their website needed to reflect their glamorous decor and brand of entertainment, along with a way to feature a changing line-up of cabaret professionals from all over the world performing in the “Celebrity Room”.  Debra Messing, Sinbad, The Beach Boys and John Stamos are a few of the celebrities that made appearances over the last few months, allowing the Celebrity Room to truly earn it’s name.

Congratulations to Michael and Dino on their new website and on “Bringing Back the Glamour”!  We are honored to have played a small part in it.

View photos of the celebrities in their Celebrity Room below and view some more of the websites we’ve built for our clients with WordPress!

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