Ellenby Technologies – Safes in Numbers

Ellenby Technologies is a family owned business and a leader in electronic design for cash management applications in the vending and retail industries. Since 1988, they offer a complete family of smart safe products found in a range of top-tier convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants. Their electronics can be found in over a dozen different models of snack, beverage, and specialty vending machines. Being experts in electronics enables them to solve many design and system challenges for a range of diverse industries.

They came to SQ Productions with a need for professional photography and a demonstration video for their rolled coin dispensing safe. Whenever you are shooting metallic or reflective objects, you need to use controlled light very carefully and be aware of reflections in the images and from the environment.

We were up to the challenge and enjoyed producing their digital media. They used a lot of our photos in their new website. Congrats to Ellenby Technologies on their improved photography and video.


Corporate Photography

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