Endurablend, Bike Path

A few weeks after the Statewide Striping construction crew laid down the Crest of Newark they got started on a bike path in the center of Jersey City, NJ.

The timing of the mix, spray and pulling up the stencils is always amazing to witness.  There is one person assigned mixing and he is in charge of making sure the mix has the exact consistency.  It’s no different than a master chef cooking caramel.  Cooked too little and the carmel is grainy and flavorless, too much and it’s burnt.   Once the mix is just right, there is a person assigned to the spaying and it has to be exact amount of thickness throughout or it won’t dry correctly.  Then, it has to be pulled up and the right time.  It’s similar to watching an orchestra perform a symphony.  These guys work efficiently and in perfect harmony.  A couple of GoPros to our bikes allowed us to get an accurate before and after shot from a biker’s perspective.

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