FAA Nears Approval of First 500 Commercial Drone Operators in U.S.

I very much enjoy flying my drone, albeit it is not the fanciest one they make.  It has allowed me a few hours of fun and some great footage that we have used for our video and TV projects.   Alas, the FAA has been cracking down on drone operators that are flying for commercial purposes and are now requiring the operator to be licensed to operate the unmanned flying machines.  So if you every see me out flying my drone, it’s just for fun.

Drones can get some crazy good footage and has opened up a new world of creative for production companies and operating these cameras are becoming a specialty in itself. Shooting with my drone has hit it’s peak.  Some of you may remember my blog post on how my drone got stuck in a tree while shooting episode 3 of This is South Jersey at Wheaton Village.  I really thought I lost it forever.

I would rather hire a licensed professional to get the shots I need. For me, it’s just not worth the risk.

At this point, I would rather hire a licensed professional to get the shots I need.  For me, it’s just not worth the risk.  When in doubt, hire out, and one of my go-to guys is Jeff Sassinsky.   Jeff’s drone company, Fovea Areo Systems LLC, is one of the few that has been recently licensed by the FAA to fly drones legally.  As a professional pilot, Jeff really knows how to fly and is familiar with all FAA rules and regulations.  Jeff’s press release on the FAA and their recently approval of legal operators continues this blog.


Jeff Sassinsky, President, Fovea Aero

Contributed by Jeff Sassinsky, President, Fovea Aero

While the public continues to debate their use, the first 500 FAA approved commercial drone operators in the U.S. are busy revolutionizing search and rescue, industry and filmmaking.

Medford, NJ – As the number of FAA approved commercial UAV (“drone”) operators in the United States nears the first 500, companies like Fovea Aero Systems in New Jersey are proving that drones are a powerful and safe tool for finding and rescuing people in need, inspecting our public infrastructure and creating stunning visuals for movies and television.  Recent events like the massive flooding in Texas are showing just how useful drones can be to the public at large.  When compared to traditional manned aircraft in situations such as this, small drones have many advantages.

• Drones are safer because of their small size and they do not carry flammable fuel.

• They are environmentally friendly and do not release emissions or greenhouse gasses.

• They can fit into much smaller spaces and see areas inaccessible to traditional aircraft.

• They can often be deployed faster, cheaper and easier than planes and helicopters.

Besides helping rescue those in need, industrial professionals and filmmakers are turning to drones to perform work previously done by helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.  “We have talked with all types of professionals; from civil engineering firms to power line inspection companies,” say Jeff Sassinsky, president of Fovea Aero Services LLC, one of the first 500 FAA approved commercial UAV operators in the country.  “Their excitement about drones and this industry is enormous.  When we describe the capabilities of our UAVs, they talk about how it is a game changer for everything from land surveys to inspecting high voltage transmission towers.”

Fovea Aero, and companies like it, are growing quickly.  They are trailblazers in an industry still in its infancy.  While they continue to find new uses for this technology and refine current applications, they are proof that commercial drone companies in United States are flying high and the sky’s the limit.

Fovea Aero Systems LLC is an FAA approved commercial UAV operator in New Jersey.  For more information about Fovea Areo, please visit www.FoveaAero.com or contact info@foveaaero.com.

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