Four Modern Ways Your Business Can Use Digital Marketing

digital marketing

It’s 2017 and technology is not showing any signs of slowing down! In these exponential times, there’s no excuse not to promote your business with technology.

If sales could be better, consider these four ways to use digital marketing to bring in new and return business.

1. Send out new promotions!
Purge the expired promotions and send out new ones? Hopefully, you have a currency of customer emails to send out newsletters. If not, sign up with Constant Contact or MailChimp and get those promotions out!  Email marketing is great for attracting new customers, but it’s also helpful in retaining customers. Make sure to first gain permission from customers to contact them via email.

2. Reward Those Who Follow!
People who follow you socially are a great place to start. You can start socially with Facebook or Yelp. A restaurant can post offers, like “buy one get 50 percent off” or “half-off appetizers”, to entice new customers to come in. They are free and you can specify how to redeem.

3. Reward Loyalty!
Rewarding loyal customers will increase return business. Many service businesses are starting a digital loyalty or reward system. Consider joining LevelUp to offer your customers instant coupons. The more they buy with the app, the more they get to save on future spending. Pirq is a great way to offer a digital punch card. No more printed cards, lost cards, or worrying about fraudulent punches. Customers love punching on their phones.

4. SMS Marketing
Text message marketing is a great tool for reaching customers instantly. Tatango has some case studies that you may find interesting. I get SMS messages from a couple of local places nearby about twice a month, offering 10-20% off, or announcing entertainment and events. If you decide to go with an SMS marketing campaign, be aware not to over-text. If done incorrectly, it can send your subscribers straight to the “opt-out” button. One of the most important rules of text message marketing, like email marketing, is that all businesses must first gain permission from customers to contact them via text.

If you want to get started and can’t think of anything to promote, start by hosting an event! Create a buzz about your business by inviting return or new customers to an Oscars, Emmys, Sports, or Holiday party. Promote on social media, SMS, and your newsletter. Include specials, door prizes, and give-a-ways.

Starting any or all of these strategies with turn you into a modern-day digital advertiser with a definite return on investment.

Facebook Offers
LevelUp – for Restaurants
Pirq – Digital Punch Cards
Tatango – SMS Marketing Case Studies

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