Gerstein Grayson Takes a “Firm” Look

Gerstein Grayson Web Archive

Gerstein Grayson & Cohen, LLP has been in business for over half a century. They have the knowledge and experience to provide cost-effective solutions and effective legal representation for their clients.

Their old website looked decent but it was not responsive to devices and there was too much copy on the homepage. It was also missing the standard elements that we feel are necessary for today’s browsers. Particularly, a contact form and multiple call-to-action buttons on the homepage.

They also needed to update their corporate photos. SQP provides professional photography services and can deliver web formatted photos quickly, especially if we’re also developing the website. Below is a before and after of the corporate head shots of the partners. It’s obvious which are the “before” and which are “after” photos. It’s night and day.

It’s obvious which are the “before” and which are “after” photos.

Their new & improved website is below! Congrats to Gerstein, Grayson, Cohen & Melletz, LLP on stepping up their web presence and online images to match their paramount legal expertise!

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