Can I Tell if My Facebook Account was Hacked?

Your Facebook account may or may not have been hacked. 

How can I tell if I was hacked
Have no fear! Being hacked isn’t the end of the world.

If you are not sure, you should immediately change your Facebook password and then scroll through your activity (messages, posts, etc.) to make sure there’s no strange activity on your account.  If you can log in without an issue and everything looks normal, then you may not have been not been hacked.  

Someone Told me My Account was Hacked.

There is a good reason why people would think you were hacked.  

What happens is bogey internet pirates target people who seem to not have a good grasp on technology or do not show a lot of activity. They then make fake Facebook profiles using the target’s photos and attempt to friend the target’s friends.  The target’s trusting friends assume that, for whatever reason (perhaps a lost password), their friend created a new Facebook account and click to “re-friend” them, subsequently falsely friending the bogey.  Once the bogey is re-friended with the target’s friend, they have immediately earned their trust because of their connection with you.  

They may start with small talk to deepen the trust, but it eventually will turn to asking for help or money.  If this doesn’t fool your friends, they will be suspicious or realize that it’s not you. Naturally, they will contact you another way to tell you that your account was hacked when in actuality, it wasn’t.  They were just communicating with a bogey false account created to look like you.

Remember, if you do see sent messages and correspondence from your actual account, then someone indeed guessed your Facebook password and was sending messages through your account, so you should change it asap. 

If you think you were hacked and need help. You can access the Facebook Help Center or contact us for a free consult.

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