The Hugs for Brady Gala 2015

One of the best things about my work is being able to help worthy causes get their message out to the world.  The Hugs for Brady Gala 2015 video recaps the evening of February 6th and also shows their “For the Love of a Child” video being premiered.  The night featured fabulous food, drinks, live music, fireworks, dancing, awards and passionate speeches.  Might I add that there were some amazing items in the silent auction.  Among them, you’ll see a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen, a poster signed by the cast of Frozen, and a snare drum-head signed by the band members of Rush!  What!?

So many of the features of the night were donated to the event.  Among them were the fireworks and the live entertainment.  The Reeds, Rhythm and All That Brass band provided big band music from the Great American Songbook.  They call themselves as The Band With a Heart and they certainly are.  They are made up of doctors and other professionals who donate their talent to provide an evening of dancing to the guests attending fund-raising organizations.

If you read up a little on Hugs for Brady, you will see that they are actually making a difference in the lives of children with cancer.  Hugs for Brady’s $300,000 donation to Rutgers last year helped them coin a new term called Personalized Medicine and this research is helping doctors more accurately diagnose diseases.  If you believe the eradication of pediatric cancer is a worthy cause,  you should donate.  If you can’t manage monetary donations, why not donate blood or bone marrow at one of their drives?

If this video says anything, it’s that if you weren’t at their gala this year, you should make it a point to go next year.  It was as much fun as it was beneficial to it’s worthy cause.

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