Life in a Cabaret

The art of cabaret performance is a very intimate one.  It’s distinctly different from musical theatre, or a concert in that the performer is only a few feet from the audience in a very intimate setting. The word and descriptions of cabaret are derived from the French word meaning “wine cellar” to describe the small room where this form of entertainment was born.

Cabaret has its origins in 19th-century Paris, where musicians and poets performed in an atmosphere where people felt free to eat and drink.  In Europe, cabaret evolved into a number of forms, including comedy, burlesque and sociopolitical satire.

In America, Cabaret was performed in speakeasies and other intimate nightclubs  Over time, cabaret evolved into a more jazz-infused style of performance.  New York City nightclubs, like the Cafe Carlyle, feature singers associated with music from the Great American Songbook.

In Glenside, PA, restaurateurs Dino and Michael Kelly-Cataldi opened Dino’s Backstage to bring cabaret to the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Their goal is to make it easier for people to experience this artform without having to go into a city.  They feature decor and ambiance of a bygone era, when going out meant getting dressed up in your finest clothes for dinner and a show.  Their separate performance space, “The Celebrity Room”, has seen local talent and headliners from New York like Marilyn Maye, Billy Stritch and Tim Connell.

Connell recently made an appearance with his well reviewed cabaret act “Here’s the Thing”.   Theater Pizzazz says, “Tim Connell takes the audience along on a journey of the significant moments and relationships that made him who he has become.”

We were honored to shoot the show and  produce this short highlight for Tim.  Enjoy!


Theater Pizzazz – Tim Connells Here’s the Thing is the Real Mccoy

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