Making Custom Annotations in YouTube

Video coupled with custom annotations is a marketing must.  If you want to get people to visit your website, video is an excellent medium to choose.  Uploading to YouTube is a given because that is where the eyes are.  YouTube also offers custom annotations which will allow you to make clickable links within your video.  The latest addition by YouTube is a new type of annotation called Cards which points viewers to a specific URLs with customized images, titles, and calls to action, depending on the card type.

Videos are much more effective when Including clickable call-to-action links in them. The easier you make it for people to click through to your website, the greater your conversion rate. The click-through will more likely happen if the viewer only has to click a link, rather than perform the laborious process of reading the URL, pausing the video, opening a new browser window and typing the link.  Honestly, what would be easier if you were in that situation?

Below is a video tutorial showing how Jimmy Kimmel’s social media team uses annotations and how to add them to your videos.

note: Before you add links to websites outside of Google, they must already be verified as an “associated website” in your YouTube account.  If you not sure if this is the case or how this is done, check out how to Link to your website from your videos.

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