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Oz Electric’s homepage before, on Squarespace.

Oz Electric is a father and son team with over forty years of electrical experience!  If it runs power, they can fix it and/or update it to current specs. They first got started on Squarespace

Squarespace is service-based content management system-integrated website builder, blogging platform, hosting service, commerce platform, and domain name registrar.

We do support a few clients who have sites built with Squarespace and can certainly use your Squarespace account to create your website, but we don’t recommend it. The main concerns are ownership, cost, and limits. Squarespace did serve it’s purpose for them initially, but because Squarespace limits content and resources, they would have had to purchase one of the Business premium plans at up to three times the cost.

We suggested a self-hosted version of WordPress since it can be downloaded free from WordPress.org and hosted anywhere. The host at IonBlade has no claim on website content (unlike Squarespace), and users can add as many pages or posts as they want. With WordPress, you can can also register your domain name at any registrar, and you can export any or all of your site content to another host at anytime. If the host closes down, you still own your content and control where it appears online. If Squarespace closes down, your website will most likely go down with the ship.

View the new website we developed for them below! Congrats to Oz Electric on stepping up their web presence!

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