We’re singing about painless dentistry


A shot of me and my wife Kirsten when we were singing cabarets in New York City.

The Dental Comfort Zone in Bensalem, PA is known for it’s painless dentist techniques.  Dr. Gordon and his staff take dental fear very seriously and have pioneered techniques to help people reduce their dental anxiety and fears.  They also offer botox injections making their practice a one-stop-shop for attaining a great smile and reducing wrinkles!

We manage their website, produce videos for their website and shoot most of the photography. We have also produced a few radio commercials for them using audio taken from their patient video testimonials.

Listen for my wife and yours truly singing on their new botox radio commercial that will be playing often on B101.1 in the upcoming months.  We both sing at the beginning of the commercial and I do the voiceover at the very end.

The jingle was written by Kirsten and I, recorded at Jonn Savannah Music in Medford and edited together here at SQ Productions.  Jonn is a good friend who has played with Van Morrison and also a former member of the well-known British band Squeeze.  He is an extremely talented musician and plays all the instruments on the track.  You can listen on the SoundCloud player below but also try to catch it on B101.1.  Actually, there are a few different commercials in rotation.  Tune in and listen for them!!

You also may not know that I wrote the song that we danced to at our wedding, also produced by Jonn in his studio titled I’ll Take you for Good which can be found on iTunes.

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