Resnick’s Rentals, since 1912

I love meeting new people and learning about their businesses.  Developing websites for businesses allows us to do just that.

Harry Resnick started his family business as a hardware store in 1912.  Twenty years ago, Harry’s son Al became the second generation to own Resnick’s Hardware and still helps out with the administrative side of the business, even at 97 years of age!  Al’s son Larry was the third generation to inherit the family hardware store and was the one to add tool and party supply rentals to the mix.  As modern things have come to pass, Larry called upon his son Brad to help run the business, making him the fourth generation of Resnicks running Resnick’s Rentals!

Brad came to us because his static website was just not cutting it.  He needed a website to provide solutions to better run the family business, instead of the family business running him!

resnicks-rentalsBrad is technologically savvy and was developing and maintaining his previous website for the rental business and for his own photography business.  He needed a solution that that allowed people to write up their own rental quotes, directly from the products listed on his website.  He also wanted to be able to offer specials and add or remove featured items daily.  As a bonus, he mentioned that he would love his customers to create accounts on his site, providing their contact information with the option to come back to review their orders at anytime.  This would also provide Brad with a detailed customer database; created not by him, but by his customers!  He knew this would help him greatly by cutting down the amount of time he was taking to write down the customer information and their specific order requests.  The previous website didn’t offer these tools and this was beyond the limitations of what Brad could do on his own.  He knew it was time to start a relationship with a production company to help build exactly what he needed and support him during this process and in the future.

WordPress was a great solution for Resnick’s Rentals, as it allowed us to customize the website with their brand, while taking advantage of a well-made plugin for the quote request functionality.  Wordpress is also an intuitive CMS, (Content Management System) allowing Brad to log into his website as an admin to update to his pages, photos, slideshow and rental products on his own, without having to be a developer, design or code expert.

We always offer a free admin training session with every website we build, and after an hour or so of learning the basics of administering his new website, Brad was off and running and has already made some great updates.

Congrats to Resnick’s Rentals on taking advantage of internet technology and making it work for their business.  I bet, in 1912, Harry never saw this coming!

Resnick's rentals website before and after

Before and after shots of the Resnick’s Rentals website.

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