Scam Alert – Web Envy

I received a couple of inquires from clients in regards to a bogus invoice faxed to them from a company called Web Envy. By the way, who faxes anymore? Both invoices were for SEO/Link Building services for $98.57.

Unlike the Domain Slamming scam, there is no fine print stating, “this is a solicitation”. This was sent like a regular invoice without explanation.

This company is supposedly in Texas but the number on the invoice (‪888-211-5101‬) goes to an automated message, tells you to wait for a representative, and then hangs up. A quick Google search showed many complaints with some stating their eFax contained malware.

The phone number the fax comes from is also reported to send bogus faxes claiming to be from GoDaddy, CareMax Pharmacy, and even Amazon.

A quick check of the Web Envy domain (, showed that it was just registered for the first time on March 7, 2021. So, the claim that they have been in business since 2013 is false.

Their website is very generic and the social media links on their site link nowhere because they are not on social media.

Web Envy Headquarters…um.

A search for Texas businesses and DBA’s shows no company called Web Envy Solutions. Their business address Google Map at 620 Murphy Road, Stafford, TX shows a dilapidated strip mall with a lot of empty space.

Everything points to a fraudulent company that built and uses its website to scam businesses.

If you get a FAX from these scammers – toss it immediately. Do not open a PDF from Web Envy and if you have opened an invoice, scan your computer for malware immediately.

SQP Support will never ask a third party to bill you for anything related to your website without your permission and we certainly do not have a relationship with Web Envy Solutions.

If you’re a support client and receive anything via email or snail mail (or FAX) in regards to your internet accounts, please reach out and let us know if we can help.

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