Sizzle on Social Media

In the film industry, a “sizzle reel” is the term given to a short highlight of the story or product.  It is meant to excite the audience and leave them wanting more.  It’s very similar to a movie preview.  When you are marketing your services online, you want to use your social media accounts to serve as the platform for this purpose.

No spoilers!  You don’t want to give away too much directly on your social media page.  You want to use your post share to lead your viewers back to your website to read more, watch a video or promote a call-to-action.  When you do this, your audience has to come back to your website to read and watch.  That’s very good for SEO!  When search engines can see that your website is prolific, with activity, it safely assumes that your website would be a reliable result for someone searching for your services.  That is called organic SEO.  If you want to post video on your social media, make sure to create a shorter preview of your longer videoRead our post on remembering to ask for the 1-minute version.

If you are doing video marketing, you definitely need to take the extra step to put your videos on your company YouTube account because, let’s be honest, that’s where the eyes are.

After uploading your video, write , short blog post on your project and feature the video, embedding it inside like this example.

You’ll want to share these specific links to these posts on your social media, pasting the actual blog link to the blog in the update.  You can see how we do it on our Facebook page.  Look for the posts featuring our articles leading back to those articles on our website:

Of course you can just upload and share them or on your social media pages directly, but the method above is ideal to increase your site stats and click-throughs.

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