SQ Productions Rolls with the Punches!

What is covered in tattoos, has a high pain threshold, and flies past you at 10 miles an hour while cursing like a sailor? The answer? The Philly Roller Girls.
The Philly Roller Girls are a skater-owned and operated all-girl roller derby league and a proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. Since 2005, they have developed a league of athletic, ferocious, women-on-wheels and have brought roller derby back to Philadelphia!
SQ Video Productions was on-the-scene at a sold-out show at their new venue, the 23rd Street Armory located at 22 South 23rd Street. We, and a few friends, have taken on the project to develop a pilot episode for Comcast Cable. See our trailer below.We hope that Comcast will buy the season. Judging by the growing popularity, attendance and enthusiastic audiences, it looks like this could be a real possibility.


We had six cameras covering the action from every angle including lavalier mics on both coaches, a referee and a player on each team. This kind of production will definitely take you deep into the world of The Philly Roller Girls.
Click the video below to check out the recent trailer for the Roller girls production posted to Vimeo. Pretty intense:

I have to admit, as a camera operator, it was my job to figure out where the important action was. Although I wasn’t familiar with the rules of Roller Derby, about a quarter way into the match I began to figure out what was happening and I could easily follow the “Jammers” around the track. Being the close-up camera positioned in the center of the track, I must have spun around over 500 times following the girls. Along with making me a bit dizzy, it made for some really cool footage. All I can say is, “Hey girls, way to go!

Three teams compete each year for the famed Warrior Cup. They also have an all-star travel team, the Liberty Belles. The Belles represent Philadelphia in bouts around the country. Currently, they are ranked 3rd in the WFTDA, having taken this slot at the 2008 WFTDA championship.
(left, the crew and a few roller girls after the match) Find out more information at The Philly Roller Girls’ Website. You can always purchase tickets by clicking here. Show up at the door and you might not get in. They sell out quick.

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