SQ Productions Shoots Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Cover

On March 10th, we shot over 800 digital photographs, including the one on the left, at Adventure Aquarium in Camden NJ, trying to capture the cover shot for the June issue of Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine.

For over half a century, TFH has been the world’s leading aquarium magazine and is the best source of accurate, fascinating, up-to-the-minute information on the aquarium hobby, from small freshwater tanks to wall-sized reef tanks and even beautifully landscaped garden ponds. TFH has always featured expert authors and world-class photography in order to educate and entertain hobbyists from beginner to experts month after month.

When I got the call to shoot for TFH, of course I was honored. I was joined by photographers, Jordan Oplinger and Lucy Draus. Our cameras of choice, The Canon 40D and 5D Mark II that shoots, in addition to stills, 1080p High-Definition video. See a short behind-the-scenes video shot entirely with this camera by clicking on the video image directly below. We used Canon lenses of various speeds and lengths.

After the lights cooled and the cameras stopped snapping, we couldn’t help but wonder if among the over 800 images, we had indeed gotten “the” shot. The one shot that would be worthy of the cover.

Yep, we got it! Look for the June issue. In addition to the photo credits, SQ Productions will be mentioned in the story along with many more of our shots

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