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We come from a broadcast background. We have been involved in the script-to-screen process of video production for almost twenty years. Our work had to be broadcast quality from the beginning. We do not know amateur. We are not hobbyists. This is, and continues to be, our livelihood. We upload a lot of our freelance work to The SQP Blog, where we discuss what we have been up to and include funny anecdotes and pictures from our shoots.


My name is Tamer (pronounced like “hammer”) Tewfik.  I got my start in broadcast television and film while in college in the early 1990s. AT 17 years old, I began working on production trucks for NBC for sporting events and the Today Show which led to working on film sets as an audio assists which led to more work freelancing for NFL Films in Mount Laurel, NJ. There, I gained much experience with their Emmy Award™ winning audio crews and soon began working as a freelance audio-engineer for several different production companies.

After many years of on-set experience with some of the best film and broadcasting companies in the world, I gathered my resources and skills to launch SQ Productions as a FULL service production company. With a wide array of professionals in our network, SQ Productions delivers a very unique service to the production world.

We are not just video.  Over the years, we’ve added website development, graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO) to our list of services. We have built many websites for new clients wishing to take control of their websites and control their costs and while raising their rank in search engines. We can also help our clients with their advertising campaigns with several networks and radio stations.

As quality video production is rapidly becoming a standard for businesses, SQ Productions is amongst its pioneers.  As technology has progressed, we have become a one-stop-shop.  This allows for faster turn-around times and less time waiting for third parties to meet deadlines.

Do check out our blog and join our e-newsletter list.  We have had some cool adventures in this business and we love talking about it!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about SQ Productions.  I love to meeting new people and learning about their businesses.


– Tamer Tewfik, President

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