Stonhard Floors Campari

“You are amazing! What you’ve done here is fabulous!”

Stonhard Associate

Yeah! A comment like that from a happy client who loves their video is well worth all the hard work. We enjoy telling stories and we strive to make every story we tell compelling.

So why was Stonhard so excited about their video? It’s simple. They also have a lot of integrity in their products and their work, and their video captured exactly that with an extremely impressive floor for Campari America.

Stonhard is the premier source for professional flooring worldwide. With nearly a century in business, they have become a true turnkey company, working with their customers directly from specification and design, to project management and final walkthrough.

Campari has a unique and particular taste for design and the spaces in their spaces are a testament to their legacy. Every design element honors the old and the new.

campari america bar
Campari’s Fortunato Bar in their NYC headquarters

Their US headquarters in NYC looks like an art studio. Campari flew in the owners from Italy to make sure everything was exactly right. Each design element was intensely thought out, and carefully considered, so it was no surprise that Gensler, one of the premier architectural firms in Manhattan, was awarded the opportunity to design all 65,000 square feet. There were unique design and contractor scheduling requests but Stonhard was up to the challenge. They worked extremely hard to get just the right floor for Campari America and we got to tell the story. Enjoy!

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