Sweetsboro is Pretty Sweet!

We had a great photography shoot at Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe in Swedesboro, NJ! What was even cooler was learning about the family history. It’s a classic immigration story. The grandfather arrives from Germany and starts the bakery. His children are taught the artisanal craft and they pass it on to their children. The best part is that no one was taught in any kind of baking school. Everything was, and continues to be, passed down.

The delicious assortment of sweets and pastries were so much fun to shoot but the real show is hidden in the back. It’s there where the delicacies are crafted by hand. The process was mesmerizing. The only machinery are mixers and one antique rolling machine for folding pastry dough!

All the delicacies are crafted by hand!

It’s evident that this a real old-school type bakery. In France, people choose where they will live in based upon the quality of the local bakery in town. The citizens of Swedesboro are indeed lucky to have Sweetsboro in the center of theirs.

It’s important to remember that, sometimes, immigrants just don’t come to take, but to bring something sweet.

More of our favorite photos from the shoot are below.

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