The Event Strategist

What is an Event Strategist?

In our last blog post, we coined the term “virtual mediation”. This describes video companies handling the technical needs of virtual events. The term “event technology” has been surfacing recently as well as “event technologist”, but the latter is a bit misleading. An event technologist is described as an individual who couples the technology companies with the events industry. “Event Strategist” would be a term to better describe this role.

The Food Bank of South Jersey reached out to us in regards to helping with their technological needs for their virtual fundraiser. Within the event, they needed a live component with a green screen to have their host interact when the live donations came in. Their marketing department did what they do best and left the technological needs to us. The result was an impressive event that inspired donors to raise almost half of what they do when guests attend in person.

The Food Bank of SJ’s live green screen during their 2020 fundraiser

As planners transition to business event strategists, they’ll need to gain a deeper, holistic understanding of event design, data, technology, and the impact of events on the organization.


Event planners already have their plate full as it is. Recent research found that only 38% of event planners considered themselves confident with technology and only 20% considered themselves tech-savvy.

Organizations have realized that advanced technology is needed now more than ever during these exponential times.

If you have questions about event technology or strategy, please feel free to reach out to us!

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