The Explainer Video

If you are going to sell a product or service online, video is an absolute must.  Keeping the pitch short when you’re selling is always a good rule.  Our research has discovered that the average viewer’s attention span lasts an average of 55 seconds.  Enter The Explainer video!

Explainer videos, as they have come to be known, are short, fast-paced, informative videos that state the video message with creative animation and text. Explainer videos should be entertaining, energetic and fun to watch so as to capture and retain the attention of the viewer.  Stats have shown that pages with explainer videos have higher conversion rates.

We recently completed one for a company called Patriot Consulting which specialized in Enterprise contract staffing.  They supply large companies with offshore consulting teams with focus on project leadership, business transformation, and data analytics.  Finding and building an qualified offshore team is a challenge.  Patriot Consulting has streamlined the process for their clients and makes it easier, faster and less-costly to find, hire and implement their off-shore team members.

Although I have explained their services in a couple sentences, you will find the explainer video we produced for them to be more entertaining and descriptive.

Explainer videos are perfect for social media campaigns and video advertising.  If you want to teach, inform, educate, or inspire, The Explainer video is a perfect solution.

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