Treating dental fear, one video at a time.


“I don’t want to make toys! I want to be a dentist!”

Treating dental fear, one video at a time.

Someone should have told Hermey that being a dentist is not easy.  Many people have dental fear and that is very, very understandable. Everyone who has to visit the dentist regularly probably has at least one horror story to tell.  Dental fear is no joke and if your dentist is serious about their practice, then they won’t find it amusing either.

DCZ_Logo5Dr. Jerry Gordon is the owner of The Dental Comfort Zone in Bensalem, PA.  He was one of our first clients back when I started SQ Productions. Gordon was very interested in the cause and treatment of dental fear and one of the first to develop methods to help patients reduce their fears significantly.   He was the first doctor to acknowledge the power of patient video testimonials and bring us in to film a root canal procedure back in 2007 when YouTube was first acquired by Google and no one knew what video marketing was.

Upon it’s launch, the root canal video received over 11,000 fews in a few days and eventually went viral, resulting in several new patients and a phone call from the New York Times asking for an interview.  The article featured the root canal treatment video and praised Gordon for being “ahead of most of his colleagues in adapting to the ways of Internet video.”  Fast forward almost ten years later and it’s still his most viewed video with 1,957,194 views, as of this writing.  He is the most watched dentist on YouTube with almost 4 millions views.

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