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Website are becoming less and less static with the rise of HTML5.  Developers are adding more digital elements like animation for a more robust user experience.  Video backgrounds are at the forefront of this current trend and many well-known companies have already taken advantage of it.  Some sites employ large background videos to suggest the message and feeling of the brand.  Others show footage of the team hard at work or having fun, while other companies choose to demonstrate a service or product in action.

Companies like Coverr or PikWizard offer pre-produced background videos and makes it easy to implement on your website.  Background video is also great for travel websites, resorts, universities, sports websites, charities and more.

It’s tempting to want to use your iPhone to do it yourself, but it’s truly better to leave it to the professionals to creatively tell your story.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly the right kind of video you need.  Perhaps your need your product or brand in the video itself.  In that case, you will need to produce your own video background.

When it comes to representing your business in images, you need good quality images.  Nothing turns off a potential customer or client like Do-It-Yourself production. It’s tempting to want to use your iPhone to do it yourself, but it’s truly better to leave it to a professional video production company to creatively tell your story.  Professional production companies have the years of experience to understand light, framing, composition and brand placement for many different scenarios.  They have the right gear for beautiful clear images, stability, and control of focus and exposure.  Professionals also have the eye to know what should be and should not be in the shot.

One company that understands the value for quality media is Miles Technologies.  They produce beautiful website for their clients and they want to compliment them with beautiful digital media.  They contacted us to produce custom video background content for a new website they were building for Tweeds Dry Cleaning.

Using a combination of stock and professionally produced video by SQ Productions, they were able to add a beautiful video background which tells the story of Tweeds Dry Cleaning’s service with brand identity throughout.

The background video:

Here is how it is used in their website!


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