Who is the Swamp Queen?

The glorious Swamp Queen as she stood in 1997

In my travels, one of the most common questions I get is, “What does the “SQ” of SQ Video Productions stand for?

The answer is,”Swamp Queen”.

Who is she? That was the name we gave to a cement sculpture found in the woods, off the long driveway to Red Rock Recording Studios in Saylorsburg, PA. Driving by, it actually took me by surprise and I had to get out of the car and get a closer look. All the pics on this page are a result of that moment.

I was going to Red Rock to record my first jazz CD with my trio. Jason Harris my bass player, and drummer, Ian Ash, were both inspired along with me to record an improvised tune and name it Swamp Queen. The CD was entitled Unwanted Curtains and although it is currently out of print, you can still find “Too White/Swamp Queen” included with my other original music in the iTunes store on, “Second Chances”, a CD of originals and previously unreleased material produce by the Tamer Tewfik Fan Club. Yes…I have a fan club but that’s another blog entry.

Old version of the Swamp Queen Music logo

Famed pianist Eric Doney produced Unwanted Curtains and he suggested that I quickly create a record label to distribute my music. He wrote down “Swamp Queen Music” on a piece of paper as we created the album art. I loved the name so we decided to keep it. When it came time to create the production company, I just couldn’t leave the Swamp Queen out of it, hence the name. Although it has been a marketing challenge, I just couldnt let her go. She was there from the beginning of it all.

It’s been over a decade since I met the Swamp Queen and weather and time may have taken their toll on her. She may no longer even be there, peering out at the driveway, but I will always remember my first trip to the studio to record my first CD.

Tamer and the Swamp Queen at Red Rock Studios

Although she may be gone, the “Queen” will always be with me.  A lot of my original music is used in some of our videos. As a musician, I do my best to source the composer and titles of all music used in our video production projects with a link directing where it can be purchased.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope the “Queen” put a smile on your face as she did mine. – Tamer

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