Why you need to know Blessed Edmund Bojanowski

Have you heard of Blessed Edmund Bojanowski?  If you have, I would be impressed!  If you haven’t, take five minutes to find out who he was and I guarantee that you’ll be inspired.

Born in 1814, in then-occupied Poland, Bojanowski dedicated his life to social justice.  He also started a home for orphans and health services to the ill, including during outbreaks of cholera, day nursery shelters for neglected children, libraries for the needy, and further activities to develop the religious, moral and cultural values of the people.

The Little Servant Sisters of the Immaculate Conception continue to do his work, leaving their families behind in Poland to devote their lives to continue Bojanowski’s mission.

Lucky for the residents of southern New Jersey, they call Cherry Hill their home away from home. Adjacent to their convent is their outstanding school, the Blessed Edmund Early Childhood Education Center.

In addition to providing the town with some of the best pierogies and kielbasa you’ve ever tasted, the sisters do an amazing job in educating young children about the world, providing enriching childhood activities, and filling their young lives with love.

Both of my girls went there and I’ve taken plenty of photos of their time there over the years which you can see below.  The campus is so beautiful.  I still smile when I drive-by.

The Blessed Edmund Early Childhood Education Center deserves a beautiful website which features a few of these photos with their information easily accessible to parents looking for an enriching program for their kids.

Congratulations to the Blessed Edmund Early Childhood Education Center.  It was our pleasure to develop their website and provide them with an online presence they so richly deserve!

Check out the Before/After below and see more of the websites we’ve developed in WordPress!


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